problem about running the game

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Hi. I installed successfully the game. Everything was fine. I copied tha crack in the directory... I mean I did everything, but still when I try to run it it says to put cd4. And here's the weird thing. Cd4 IS in the cd-rom. It says to put cd 4 and to rerun the application. But the cd is there. What is the problem? What should I do? I did everything that came into my mind, but obviously I couldn't find the solution.
please help!!

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Now, I don't understand why would you read the post and then leave it without reply? If you don't want to answer any newbie questions don't even bother reading them. I will ask you for your help. I don't understand why no one wants to reply... 😞

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You just posted this post a few minutes ago. That's why know one has replied yet. Either that or they don't know the answer.

You need to rename the CD-Crack "fs9.exe" with out the quotes. And make a back up of the original fs9.exe. Then it should work.


nah... it's not working. i've tried it, but... nothing. it still asks for cd 4 😞(

robbier Guest

do you have a CD-ROM drive and a DVD drive on your PC? if so, make sure hat it is in the CD-ROM drive

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If you loaded the sim and did not patch it use NO-CD 9.0.
If you did patch the sim with the MS patch use NO-CD 9.1.

Try this and see if it clears up your problem.

If not reboot and try to launch the sim.
Lastly, if none of these work uninstall and reinstall the sim.

Let us know how it works out.


eve_dew Guest

Hi,again. Thanks for all the replies so far. But neither of them work. I was just wondering if i do it correctly. I downloaded no-cd patch v9.0, extracted the fs9.exe in the crack folder. is that ok? i mean this is what i am supposed to do? and also , i don't have dvd-rom, only cd-rom, so there's no way to mistaken the roms.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

You need to put the new fs9.exe directly into your main Flight Simulator 9 folder. And rename to old fs9.exe.

eve_dew Guest

Hey, thanks SamIntel!!! 😛 😀 I knew I did something wrong. thanks again.

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