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Is it just me or is landing in flight simulator hard.

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😁 Aint easy bud.
😉 I'm not an expert pilot, just a person who enjoys this fine fine sim.
I try to "float" in at the lowest speed possible (without stalling) and then use my flaps.

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Check out this post:

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Landing a real aircraft is also tough (for me ennyhoo). I took some flying lessons in Cessna 150's and was supposed to make a "full stall" landing. The aircraft was to stall just as the wheels touched the runway. I was NEVER able to get a full stall landing. I always flew it on. My instructor was NOT pleased with my "skill".........yuk yuk.

Glenn Embarassed

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Never have I eaten more humble pie than when I shot my first landing. It does get easier with time and practice. Take it from a real pilot. I can usually grease the 172 at Newark- KVTA without even a tire chirp. It is easier when I'm loaded to almost gross weight, but on those days when the winds are light and variable, note the word "variable", forget about a smooth landing.

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The postings above have given me a lot of encouragement 😂
I thought it was just me that was having difficulty getting my feet back on the ground Mad
When flying locally in the North of Scotland and attempting to get into Wick(EGPE) I took half the terminal building and the Caithness Glass Company building next to the airport, away. Two days later the Glass Company went into liquidation - was it something I done!!! 🙄

Landing is like a wet cucumber - the minute you think you've got to grips with it - it's in you earhole!! (or any other orifice you can think of) 😂

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Nope...You're right...It can be hard..Some for me go smooth,and some not...On flights with many legs I allow crashes so as to not have to restart..But for practice I'm about 60% good....That is with crashes enabled I mean.....

Seems the trick is if you are flying with A/P off,you must pitch the nose down with the trim and hold back on the stick..That way you can better bring the plane down where you want it,as opposed to it gliding to the end of the runway and out into some field,,water,or houses....LOL Have wiped out a few houses myself.......And trees too.....Oh...BTW...None of my planes float to well..... 😀


I agree with all of you! My landings are terrible. I am about 40% good and the rest are horrible. Oh well, I guess I will get better with time and practice.

As I read not too long ago, "taking off is optional; landing is not".

Happy flying everyone.


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Something that might help you until you get used to flying approaches to airports is to let the Auto Pilot land the aircraft. You can sit back and watch the instruments and see the rate of decent. You only have to watch your airspeed, flap positions, and landing gear.. Let the AP fly it right down to around a hundred feet or so from the runway then take over yourself.

Then, when you feel more comfortable, try them yourself with the help of the 'Visual Flight Path'. Press 'Alt' to bring up your menus, then 'Aircraft' then 'Visual Flight Path' then 'Enable visual flight path" If you have tuned your NAV 1 radio to the ILS frequency for the runway you are landing on the system will give you some hoops to fly through to follow the glide path down to the runway.

I found these things helpful when learning to land the heavy jets. Like everyone else said, it's not easy. I think it took me months before I could fly smooth landings without the AP in the Boeings.
Good luck... 🙂

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wasn't easy for me at first then it got easier and easier. I still can't lan beoing 747 777 and 737 s

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the default 777 is still giving me plenty trouble. She just won't come down.
the more flaps, the higher she climbs. Is it only me?
The 737 and 747 are allright.

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Well actually the goal of the flaps is to give more surface to the wing, so it is normal that the aircraft tends to climb a bit... 🙂

Ratna Guest

Thank You Skymuncher for Your reply,

I think I have already understood this principle.
But still there seems to be such a big difference between the 737, 747 on the one side and the 777 on the other.
Some of my MD-11s are aliased to the 777panel and I have the same problem. Could it be the panel? Thank You. 🙂

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A problem you could be having is that your airspeed is too high. When you extend flaps at a high speed it gives the aircraft too much lift, so it ascends. Decrease your airspeed so you are at around 180 KIAS for 5 or 10 degree flaps and so on. I'm not sure why your are having that problem in just the 777 and not the 747 Dont Know . Hope that helps a bit anyway.

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Thank You jolegg for Your reply,

I will try again and make sure not to deploy flaps above airspeed
180 KIAS. Depending on the situation I usually extend gear between
245-220 KIAS which slows me down and helps with descent.

Thanks for the tip!

Maybe I find the 737 and 747 easier because I have more notches to play with Juggle

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I've taken about five flight lessons, and from my expirence Flight Simulator is a little harder. One reason because you can't feel the airplane, or the wieght of the airplane on the joystick. That is just my opinion.

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The secret to a golden landing is to maintain your Vref (roughly 30% above the airplane's stall speed), and to flare at just the right height, which is 10-12 feet above the ground.

Correct flap settings also play a vital role towards acheiving a nice "grease" or so they say...

Kind Regards,

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