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kaspacanada Guest

Looking to expand my fs experience and move into pedal controls. Anyone have some good suggestions for me as to what and where I can find something that is around a $100 USD budget? (Or should I start saving?) Basically I'm looking for something affordable that works. Thanks.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

The CH-pro pedals work just great. If you buy them off of (or just shop around) you should be able to find them for $100, maybe less if you're really lucky! If you see it being sold for about $125, don't take the offer, since you can certainly do better. Not all flight sim places offer the lowest price!

They certainly aren't the best pedals, but they're very durable, extremely simple to set up, and the toe down brakes are pressure sensitive (meaning you don't just have to slam on the brakes anymore!). You'll find with smaller aircraft that you tend to over-rudder a lot, but with the heavies it is a beautiful addition.

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