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AJLandini2332 Guest

My name is Austin Landini. I logged about 50 or so hours with United Virtual before having to resign. I have a lot of experience flying RJ's and medium-haul jets. I'm looking for a good VA with a wide variety of these flights, preferrably one that uses a PIREP system similar to that of UVA, as squackbox doesn't seem to work on my computer. Can anyone help?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

So I was just about to reccomend UVA to you. Sorry to hear that you had to resign! I do enjoy it over there.

Austin Landini Guest

I liked it too, the only problem is that for some reason my computer wouldn't work the recorder for the checkride right. My recordings always got messed up so i spent about 2 mo. trying to take the level 2 checkride before I finally gave up 😞

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

This is a great VA. I am a member of Swiss VA, but I fly other airlines too including in that VA.

Take a look at it, and if you have any questions, ask me.

CEO - Glenn McLoughlin Guest

Hey just read your post and i would like to introduce you to BlueJet Virtual Airlines. We use a similar PIREP system to that of UVA, infact BVA uses 3 different methods of PIREP (we do this for your exact reason), you can use the online PIREP form, ACARS, or what most pilots do is fly on the BVA server typing in +fp$$$ indicating that when they file a flight on multiplayer with the $$$ beside it, that they will get AIRCASH for every minute of flight.

Thanks, and this message applies to all readers 😀

With Regards

Glenn McLoughlin
Chief Executive Officer
BlueJet Virtual Airlines

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amermel First Officer

I personally like the virtual airlines at I have logged over twenty hours for Northwest and Delta virtual.

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