PC gave me a scare!

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I was playing FS9 doeing some nice GA flying around Bora bora as I just d/loaded some amazing scenery when everything crashed.I restarted and an error message saying that the g/card had not enough power so I started the sim I got abot 2.8 at max FPS.It turns out I had to plug in the cord thet suplise the g/card with power I had to realy push it in properly becouse there is no click or anything that tells you it is in properly.FS9 is running fine know but I'm not sure if the cord is in as far as it can go and I don't want to push it in further becouse I'm afraid to brake the card.I was just wondering if I push this in even further will I get better FPS but I just dont now if its fully in or not is there a way to tell?at the moment it looks only about half way in.

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As long as the power lead is in you will be ok
It will only go in so far(about1/4 inch)
Your GFX card will now work ok (pushing it in any further will not increase fps)

Im suprised you got FS to run at all without the gfx card being fully powered

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Yea so was I and I dont now how it came out in the first place 😕

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