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Hey guys/gals (if any) I just wanted to say that my dad brought me my end of the year graduation gift and he got me the ATI RADEON X800xl! im so excited to put it in and check out the glory compared to my 1 pipeline stock graphics card 😂 seriously,

anyway once I put it in I will tell you how it goes!


oh and one more thing FEM said that this card runs "HOT" what should I do about this?

thanks in advance 😀

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👍 Congrats, that's a super card.

As for running hot you can put a case fan in the rear (exhaust) and if you have an empty space (PCI socket) you can put a PCI fan there, I did both.
They cost under $10-15 each in the stores, cheaper on the net.

If you can put an intake fan in the front of your case that would cool the entire case but you have to have the rear exhaust.


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WOW !! thats a amazing card I'm jelous! Can you send some screenshots when you are finished installing it?

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ya I will post some screenshots but right now its not in because we need a bigger power supply for my dell and thanks for the compliments guys!


@Jester - You will love that card, I have the ASUS model and I love it. I upgraded my motherboard to a PCI-E version so I had to replace my old vid card (AGP 6800GT). I can now run FS2K4 at 2560x1024 with 6xAA, 16xAF, at high detail....and it's no longer a slideshow! Great card, especially for the price.

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2 words


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I need to take a pic of my setup before I get my new case, you're gonna laugh!

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