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ILS vanished during bad weather

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I was on my simulator (to me its a sim and not a game) last night from Brussels to Gatwick, I use real weather data (updated via broadband every 15 min), 12nm from Gatwick I was told by ATC to go to FL2 until I pick up the glide slope, so I set up ILS in NAV1 and NAV2. I picked it up around 6nm out, with visibility down to 5 miles I was happy to follow the glide slope untill I can see the runway lights, suddenly at 4 miles out the glide slope was gone. how could this had happend when I was on the right flight level and my speed was also ok (160 in an 777). The only way to avoid a crash was to go around and try again, which added another 25min to do it again and because I got an updated weather during my second approach the visibility was better and ATC excepted a visual approach where as it would not before. This is why I thinks it is mor a simulator than a game because with the online real weather data, each landing is unpredictable

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Did you ident the localizer? I would be interested to know if FS "fails" navaids. Does FS model the effects of an AI aircraft sitting in an ILS critical area?

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Well I don't know if the ILS 'failed' but it was locked unto the localizer and then it was no longer there. I do remember doing a flight from Lanzarote to Tenerife South and there was an AI 737 in front of me (around 10 miles) also landing at Tenerife and it crashed short of the runway, luck for me as I was in a 747 and was gaining on it and I did not want to do a missed approach with a 747 as I also use Ultimate Traffic and Tenerife was very busy, (summer time table).

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I know this may sound simplistic. But, it happened to me. Did you accidently turn off the autopilot or APR hold switch? I accidently turned the APR off by brushing my mouse over it. Recovered and landed safely, but I was puzzled because the beam was gone. Rolling Eyes

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