Help please....real airlines replacing virtual airlines???

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Hi all
I have recently re-formatted my machine, and have just re-installed FS9...My question: i had used a program that converts all the FS9 virtual airlines into real airlines, i.e no pacifica,soar etc.... i think it may have installed some real flightplans too, however, i can't for the life of me remember what i used...I have the PAI installer, with all the various airlines on that, that is not what i'm after tho.
Basically something that gets rid of all the virtual airlines/flightplans etc...
Thanks for any help

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Do you mean the Default Commercial Traffic Remover??

If so this can be found on the PAI site in the PAI Installer and Special Packages bit. Click on that and there it is. It does not convert them into real airlines it just gets rid of them. You add airlines/flightplans yourself with the Installer.

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Cheers Sylvan
That wasnt it, the thing i had, replaced the 737's for instance with BA,Air France and KLM ones, however, the tool you suggests will more or less do the same job. I'll give it a go.
Many thanks

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