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Planning a new VA: Canada Star Air. Now hiring for startup!

Nik P. Guest

Hello there, FS fans. My name is Nik, I am an experienced Canadian FS pilot and I have a proposition: to start a virtual airline.

First things first, I need a web-page designer. Personally, I cannot design a webpage to save my life!

Secondly, I need an aircraft designer/painter. I can fly the aircraft, but I cannot create them. Ironic, eh?

Thirdly, I need a hub chief for our start-up hub in Calgary (CYYC). Priority goes to those who have served in a virtual airline.

Of course, I'll also need about 25-30 pilots. I would suggest that the pilots have experience in 737-200s and DC-9s.

For those interested, please do not hesitate to reply to this forum and/or e-mail me at If you're applying for pilot, e-mail me and I'll talk to you about the prerequisites (sp).

If this is not the right place to post this, I will post it somewhere else.

Thanks, and happy flying!

Nik Podiluk, hopefully president, CEO and founder of Canada Star Air.

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