Quiz 2


Here is another quiz.

1. The reason the 739 is only certified to carry the same amount of passengers the 738 is...
2.The engine that powers the 777-200LR is....
3.What does Va stand for?
4.What does ETOPS stand for?
5.What is a RAT?
6.Which has a greater range; the A319 or A320?
7. Is the 737NG fly by wire?

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1. Knew they both carried a max 189 but not sure why! Good Question, I'll guess at ..... Max Take-off weight ?

2. Don't know

3. Virtual Airline ?? I'm joking I know you mean the Velicity speed "Va" but can't remember what it stands for !

4. "Extended Twin Operations"

5. Ram Air Turbine .... can be deployed to supply emergency electrical power .....

6. A320

7. No the 737NG in't fly by wire... the only commercial Boeing with a degree of FBW is the 777.

Good quiz - you really got me on questions 1,2,3.... Embarassed

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1. I have no clue. 😛

2. Two GE90-110B1's

3. Va is a Velocity speed that means "Maneuvering Speed"

4. Extended Twin Operations.

5. A RAT is a Ram Air Turbine that supplies emergency electrical power to the aircraft.

6. A320

7. The 737NG is not Fly-By-Wire.


Between you two, you have all of them right except numbers 1 and 6.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Wait! #6 is wrong? 😕 How come? The A320 has a longer range than the A319.

Check these links out:

A319 Click on Technical Data Airbus A319 on the left.

A320 Click on Technical Data Airbus A320 on the left.

I sincerely don't know the answer of #1.

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