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do I need a new processor?

airhead Guest

1.67 Ghz. AMD Anthlon xp, 512 mb ram, nvidia n6600 = flashing graphics. I have done all the setting stuff, updates etc. fs 2004 runs ok but the graphics are poor - everything in the distance flashes. Also, I've tried to get the frame rate but nothing happens when I press ctrl+z a bunch of times. Any suggestions much appreciated. Rob ❓

ninety5eclipz Guest

Yes I'd get at least a 3.0ghz processor and bump your ramp to 1 gig. Its shift+z to show frames not control+z.

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Skymuncher Trainee

You should add another 512 Mb Ram (Corsair if possible), but for the processor stick with an AMD processor, even if the clockspeed is slower. Depending on your budget, take an Athlon 3200+, 3500+, 4000+ etc...

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I think there is no need to get a new proccessor.First u have to upgrade ur ram up ti 1gb,and check ur vga settings(smooth edge.etc.) 😉

airhead Guest

Thanks for the quick responses! 🙂 So , when you have a good system the fs 2004 graphics are good?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

When you add ram you have to add the exact same type of ram you are now using.
You can't use two different types.
If you do the slower ram will force the faster ram to run at it's slow speed.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Its not depending only on the proccessors speed.To manage better results its a combination of VGa,RAM and of course proccessor.But if u have a monsterous proccessor with an old VGA model low memory the results wont be much better.


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Jared Captain

i would get a bigger processor like a 3 GHz but i run 512 RAM at FS9 runs perfect and i never wait for textures to load even on my PMDG's

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