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I found a flight school near me .

Now I just wanted to know if it was a good deal or not. It's hard (very hard) convincing my parents to let me go, one big reason is because it's so expensive.

Are there any alternatives to this or is it the best way to go?


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Any Suggestions?

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My advice to you would be to look around and research as many flight schools as possible, and not just use it because it is close to you.

Im not saying that it is a bad place, i dont know, but unless you look around you might miss a better deal 😉

Get to know the instructors and ask around and take other peoples opinions etc.

Im not a pilot but there are lots of real-world pilots on this forum who may be able to help. Just be patient and im sure they will reply.

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I don't know anything about it.
Re-post this in the General Forum at the top of the web-board.
You'll get some answers there


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I am now a Pilot for U.S. Airways. ITS A BLAST!!

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I am not familier with prices in Windsor, but the cost of the PPL seems a little high to me. Some schools around me are offering $5,000-$5,5000 packages.

Of course, this is all dependent on how long it takes you. You must have 40 hours, but the national average is about 60 hours, if memory ser es me correctly.

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If you want your ppl quick and cheap try trade winds based in florida. They cost around $4500

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Anonymous wrote:

I found a flight school near me .

Now I just wanted to know if it was a good deal or not. It's hard (very hard) convincing my parents to let me go, one big reason is because it's so expensive.

Are there any alternatives to this or is it the best way to go?


It is a bit on the expensive side, I would say getting your licenses usually costs around $4,000-$6,000; $7,000 sounds a little steep.

Have you looked at any other flight schools yet? Go down to the airport and ask around, sometimes you can get a job washing airplanes or something (depending on how old you are) to pay for flight lessons. Once you get started it is really fun. 😀 And... If you have any questions that can't be answered here because we don't know the answers, try this board:

You can ask your parents for a flight lesson for your birthday, that's what I do instead of a party, and I get shorted a little on the presents 😂 But it's worth it.

Good Luck.

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Speaking of U.S. Airways... I just flew home today on America West (Now U.S. Airways) and it was a very good flight. The in flight videos are great. 😀

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lol the flight school i was thinking about attending charges $4000.00 to get a private and it includes the instructor time, rental of the aircraft, tests, books and other materials needed.


I really doubt youre a pilot for U.S. Airways. They haven't hired in over 5 years.

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My perants normaly moans about the prices of flight training and advances. I have had a trail flight and it was great! I look for low prices for training. Lots of them are expensive so i decided to go for a NPPL which is alot cheaper.

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why are pilots always men?

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Pilots are not always men. Over the last few years there has been a large increase in the amount of pilots qualifying from ATPL courses being female.

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Try to find an answer on this forum. It's the proffessional pilots network.

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hey man i'm currently taking lessons from a flying club here on the based i am stationed at. i'll probably spend about $4500-5000. My dad has not only got his commercial license but has worked at several airports with flying clubs and they usually ranged from $6000-8000. The Omaha flying club at Eppley Field charges about $10000.

I guess where i'm going with this you have to not only consider what's in your budget but what the club has to offer. Don't be tricked by fancy new aircraft as a reason to fork out an extra four grand for a license. New upholstry and glass cockpits won't make you a better pilot.
Also, see what experience your instructors have. You might be able to find one who has had experience in whatever flying field you wish to pursue (if you have one) and may be able to hook you up later.

Now as for advice on getting your parents to pay for it, the main concern for them is that you might get halfway into the course and then decide you don't like flying, and then you'll wimp out after all that money spent. the best way to show them that you are committed is to do the research for them and act as if you are spending your own money. Show them that you are responsible and if flying is what you really want to do, then they should support you.

One last thing - for the guy who asked why there are no women pilots on the airlines, the way i heard it was that you never hear them over the intercom because some believe that the voice of a female pilot undermines the confidence of the passengers, so the male first officer will perform all the cabin-to-passenger deck communications. take it for what it's worth.

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How fortunate I was. As a youth of 11 years, I walked to our town airport (1 mile). After many hours on a park bench, I finally got an airplane ride for half price ($1). Before the summer was over, I had a job for $1 a day and what flying time I could get. What an opportunity I had. I can no longer get a medical, so I fly the simulators and a friends airplanes (with him aboard).

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