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Thomas Pattison Guest

Hey if anyone is interested in starting up a new fictional VA please email me on

Pro Member Captain
Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

When you say fictional do you mean a made up name for an airline or give the VA an existing airlines name [e.g British Airways Virtual] ❓

Thomas Pattison Guest

Fictional as in a made up name

Pro Member Captain
Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Once i've got a bit more time on my hands and few skills to create stuff with, only then will I begin to think about it.

Alex.G. Guest

Hey, why don't you join my VA we're two and we're groing, we need help man 🙂


Hi I'm Uli

I surch for new members at my virtual Ailine. We fly the real Flight from EDDH (Hamburg Intl. airport)!! check out my site: for the german site.

Have fun and always blue sky Uli!! 😂

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