Hello i am new to VA sim and it does look very intresting, now i can get a plance up in the air and thats about it :/ which i suppoe is good but getting it down is always a bonus in a way as well lol, i was just wondering if there are places who train you up and get you flying with them, all in one package so to say 🙂 any information would me helpful

Thanks for your time

Ben Dobsom

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You have a full set of free lessons that come with the sim, check the menu after you launch the flight sim.

You can use this as lessons or help, it's one of the best on the net as far as a simple tutorial, but I think some of the MS lessons would be best.



i have tried these tutorials and it does involve so much reading its unbelieveable 😞 is there any place out there that does speak to you and run u thru so to speak?

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I know, they don't do it step by step, they do ramble some.

Your best bet is the MS lessons, start with a single engine prop and work your way up to the big iron.
Take the first, opening lesson from Rod with the Cessna, it's the only one I took.

Don't try to pass the lessons to get a certificate just get some flying knowledge, like a soft landing.



ok i will do but dont some places require you to fly with your eyes closed so they know what you are doing? and do you know the best place i can go to become a VA simmer?

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Fly with my eyes closed, only when I land, kidding.
I don't know, we have pilots here who can answer that better than I can.

As for a good VA, we have 100 listed but wait a while and some of the members who fly VA will tell you about theirs.


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Hello Guest! I have here an ILS tutorial. It helps you in how to land the plane using ILS.

First of all, let me introduce you to the superb, easy-to-read and understand guide of the skillful Fire_Emblem_Master:


1. When ATC says something liek "WifeBeater 767, you are 32 Miles away. Turn right heading 105, descend and mantain 2,500 feet, cleared ILS runway 36R Approach". You have to click on your MAP icon in your cockipt. Then, move your mouse over the destination airport. Mind you, the airport MUST have the ILS feathers (thes are the green things that point to the runway). Double click on the airport. A list will show up. Scroll down the list untill you see a chart that shows Runway numbers. FInd 36R, or whatever your runway is. You look to the right and see a radio frequency. We'll use 100.100 because its easy to remember. Don't forget the frequency.

2. Open up your Radio Stack, and enter in 100.100 in the NAV1 Radio, usually the righmost radio number is the one that can be messed with. After you enter it 100.100, using the mouse wheel or clickin it. Press the button that looks like thsi somewhat, its in the middle of the 2 radio displays <-----> That changes the NAV1 Radio frequency from whatever it was, to what it is now (100.100)

3.Turn on the NAV1 Radio by clicking the switch at the bottom of the radio stack, unless its already on, like with the LearJet.

4. If you have Autopilot, and you are using GPS to follow waypoints, switch the NAV/GPS button back to NAV!!!! YOU CANT FORGET TO DO THAT!!! YOU'LL BURN AND DIE IF YOU DONT!!

5. Follow ATC directions to approach. Now, when you approach the Runway, you will see the pink arrows near your attitude indicator move...usually Heading first, then Altitude. Simply fly in the directon and atitude of the pink arrows intull they center themselves, that means you're on the glideslope!

6. If you wanna use the autopilot to fly the approach, simply follow steps 1-4, then click the APPR button on the autopilot panel.

Copyrights of Fire_Emblem_Master ® All rights Reserved ® Do not photocopy ( ) ©

I'm just kidding. Anyway, Fire_Emblem_Master should get an award for this guide. It helps a lot.

Well, this is your first step. There are different approaches that you can make to a runway: ILS, VOR, NDB ADF, GPS, and visual approach. I'm going to talk about the ILS approach, since Fire_Emblem_Master's guide refers to it.

When you are approaching the airport and before you contact with the Tower, you can do two different things:

1. Use the App. mode in the autopilot, so the autopilot makes the approach for you and you don't have to move a finger. Well, actually you do have to move your fingers. You need to control the speed and flaps, landing gears, autobrakes, etc. But the approach is perfomed entirely by the autopilot. To land, just disengage the App. mode, switch off the Auto Throttle and other switches if you want, and land the plane manually. That's what I usually do. But is good practice to perform a hand-approach. But I also perform hand-approaches, which I'd recommend you to learn it. This point comes to the second option.
Note: To use the App. mode you should have to se the NAV/GPS switch to NAV and you also should have the ICAO code of the airport in your GPS.

2. Don't use the App. Mode and do the approach manually. I know this is hard but you just need to practice, practice, and practice.
Before approaching the airport, you should tune to the ILS frequency of the runway. That means, set the ICAO code of your destination airport, go to the frequencies page and find your ILS (or whatever approach you use) frequency. You should set the right frequency. Example: you are going to land on runway 09, look to the ILS 09 frequency.
After that, set that frequency into the radio stack and turn on the Nav 1 or 2. Also check the MRK (marker) button, which is going to make sounds when you pass through different markers, like OM, IM, and MM. Then, arm the spoilers, set the flaps, retract the landing gear and set the autobrakes.
After this, all you have to do is look at Fire_Emblem_Master's ILS guide. That would help you. Start turning towards the runway heading and try to have the glide slope and the localizer needles in the center. If you have both needles in the center you are right on the altitude and heading. Just keep this and land manually.

That's it. Was it easy? Complicated? Boring? Did you get tired reading all this? I know, it's long, but helpful.

Guide made by FEM and Agus0404.

If you want an specific tutorial, just tell me and I'll try to make one for you.

ok i will do but dont some places require you to fly with your eyes closed so they know what you are doing? and do you know the best place i can go to become a VA simmer?

I am a member of CPA Virtual. They have lots of airline that you can fly for.

Remember that if you sign in the airline that you like, you can still fly with the other airlines without signing up again. If you have questions about this, ask me and I'll help you.

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