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The most memorable FS moment I can recall is the first cross country trip I took using RDF at night from Boston's Logan Int'l to New York's JFK

Did I mention this way using FS1? (I do go back a bit.)

Did it all in real time, no auto pilot. I actually found JFK and lined up with the runway perfectly. Did a really decent approach, guessed it...crash...forgot to put the landing gear down. Embarassed

Anyone care to share some similar events?

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CrashGordon wrote:

Did a really decent approach, guessed it...crash...forgot to put the landing gear down. Embarassed

Anyone care to share some similar events?

I think we have all experienced a lack of consciousness early on in our sim flight careers by forgetting to drop the landing gear one time or another during a landing. Actually there was a real life story on the local new about a year ago with the same happening to the pilot of a small private plane. He forgot to drop his wheels. I am sure the FAA had a bit of a chat with his particular "oops".

My most memorable moment was just aft installing FS2004 and going out for my first flight. Wow! I am still impressed with this flight simulation program. Can't wait for FS10. I have been flying sims since FS98. (Now that was raw) My longest flight to date was from Boston's Logan airport. (my home base) to Heathrow across the pond. I flew a 747 and surprised myself by making a perfect landing. I was more than a bit stupid in that after such a long flight, I DID NOT save the flight just prior to landing. What a waste of time if after doing that long haul I crashed on landing.

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Well, I have two memorable ones. The first was my first successful hover in a huey around the city of chicago. I pulled up to the Sears Tower and hovered around all sides of it. THAT was a great experience! So now I can hover/navigate in helicopters, but landing not so much =).

The other memorable moment was my 767 checkride with United Virtual. I had to plan / fly a route from KSFO to PHNL. I hopped in the LDS 767 with only just over a week of training, and nervously made the 6 hour treck! I had no difficulty on the way, but handflying the approach had me sweating bullets the entire way down. Luckily I had good weather and clung tightly to my checklists the whole way, making sure I had no missed steps! That was the first fully-realistic flight I had made, and certainly wasn't my last! It left some good impressions!

I suppose though that the best flights that really take my breath away though are doing VFR early morning flights in the anchorage region in the freeware-maule planes. Those are some great flights!

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I suppose I shouldn't admit to this, but I get a kick out of taking a B52 and flying on the deck to the Capitol of some country I'm cranky about, then climbing to altitude and waving bye-bye.

I suppose I should get more modern and use a B2, but I'm a fan of Dr. Strangelove. Just wish I could get Slim Pickins riding the bomb down into the flight. Devil

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My first memorable moment was going to a (tame) New Years Eve party and seeing FS5.0 (I believe 2 floppies) on the host's rig (a blazing fast DX2/66 system ! I was instantly focused only on flying the rest of the night...Uh, what's that you sayin' ? Happy New Year? Yea, back at ya, now leave me alone ! I then bought it, flew it, and to this day, keep building new rigs that will make it hum !!! rob

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