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Hi to all multiple monitor user (and to all “poor” others). 🙂

I am using multiple monitors for a several weeks by adding a cheap PCI video card to my computer.
With a cheap card u usually you get “cheap” result so now I am thinking to upgrade my system by replacing my card with “some thing”

So here is the question for all multip’ mon’ users:
1. To go to 2 separated cards( AGP and PCI) or to 1 multiple output card
2. Pals they have reasonable cards do they can have reasonable views on the second monitor, views like spot plane view or left/right view and what frame rate (on land at Chicago for exp)

With your respond please mention what computer you have /memory /and video adapter or adapters and any other comments to help me making up my mind

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fadde Guest

Hi !
I have tried a little with multi monitor, I used a TV (tv-out) from my graphic card. It works just fine but i could't drag over a new view to the TV. The only thing that i can drag over on my tv is the FSnavigator (a realtime map - very god) I have tried to find on internet something that describe how to do and I think that you must have multiple computer connected via network to use multiple views to have the performace, i have not tried muitiple cards.

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Hi Fadde

I did not try with TV. I doing it with a second monitor. The process I am using (and I don't know if it the only one) is:
1.Calling the second window or view as usual.
2.Going from full screen mode to regular window by hitting ALT->enter
3.Undock the window you want to transfer (right click with the mouse->undock)
4. Drag the window to the second monitor
5. Back to full screen

I don't know if TV will work OK. Try to put the to display setting to the same resolution. With 2 monitors is working fine

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