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does anyone have this product? I am just wondering if its worth buying...mainly I need to know if it runs ok and doesn't have an major problems like crashing the computer?!

Also, how accurate do you think it is to the real thing...I mean its not in actual service yet so how can the designers know the controls and layout of the cockpit to put it in a flight sim game accurately??


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they can work out the cockpit layout because airbus keep the same cockpits in their aircraft so as to keep down costs. so you know that the a380's cockpit will look almost identical to the a340, just like the a340 was almost identcal to the a330 (plus the extra 2 engine controls). as for this particular add-on I'm not sure. I've heard bad things about the wilco one but not heard anything negative about the abacus one.

if you get it, tell us what it is like.

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Abacus has very good addons but i wouldnt get the a380 not because im a boeing guy. its because the plane just came out and you camt be sure tht the flight dynamics and the way everything handles is true to the real thing. thts why if someone would come out with a 787 before it came out i wouldnt get it cause you cant be sure that everything is accurate.

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