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Guys I have a question regarding the A380 I want to download it but I have fs2002 will it work? Or do you think I should upgrade to 2004? I still like 2002 but wondering if the upgrade is worthed since they coming out with a new one soon right?



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2004 aircraft won't work in 2002.
With no "official" word from MS just an "unofficial" announcement from a website it seems like there won't be a new version until next year. No way to prove this until MS announces something.

2004 is $4.99 after rebate.


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You can buy FS 2004 cheap from


I recommend not to buy the a380. The best a380 addon is wilco's. You've also ' fly the airbus380 ' which is even not good enough for freeware.
Just wait a couple of years when there is enough information about the a380 then there will be build a good version.
The a380 can't be compared with other aircrafts its a very advanced plane. More investigation is required to build a good a380. Maybe a next project of PMDG

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