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I Currently have bought a new PC and INstalled FS 2004. When I Went to the inside view I was un able to see any gauges. The Spot where the Intrument panel is at is blacked out. When I put the pointer on the black space it still tells me What intrument is what without have any visual. Anyone having this same problem?

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Check out the read-me and see if they want you to put the contents of the downloaded gauge folder into the main gauge folder the same way you put the aircraft into the main aircraft folder.

The only other thing I can think of is that you have an Nvidia card with old drivers, that sometimes is the cause.
Let us know how it works when you move the gauges.


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the only reason i thought would be if this is an addon plane and you put the guages in the wrong folder. you should check where you put your guages.

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