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im not shure what it is i thought it was a worm but no worm scanners picked it up. any one know how to get rid of this piece if sh**. like every half hour it shuts down my computer, but i figured out how to stop it in the command promt. HELP PLEASE!!! if i cant remove it then im going to have to re-format my hard drive! Help!

heres a screenshot

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Have you tried shutting down system restore and then reboot in to Safe Mode
Clear all temp folders and run any A/V progs you have

Here is a help page I wrote a while ago,have a read of it ➡

I see a lot of you are quite rightly worried about spyware and being hijacked
There are a lot of nasties out their trying to get into your PC and do some of their work for them or worse.......Steal your details
A couple of bits of advice I can give is dont click any pop up box. Allways close it by clicking the x in the top right corner....but check as sometimes there are 2 and click the wrong one and they are in.
Its not just the dodgy sites that can carry these hacks,some very respectable sites have been hacked and infected who knows how many

Keep you antivirus software up to date
And allways use a firewall

Even with all of the above they can still get in,so what do you do.Arm yourself and be ready

Adaware is good for some low priority stuff

Spybot search and distroy is another

There are plenty of others

Here is a little utillity which will help called winpatrol which is a bit like msconfig,only better as you can find out a lot more with this prog.
I quote from the site
"sniffs out malicious "mysteryware" , web attacks and parasites that may assault your computer. WinPatrol puts you back in control of your computer so you'll know what programs are and should be running at all times. "

Another one to have is hijackthis because it will give you a detailed report about whats on your PC,which you can then post on other forums for people to check out

Before posting your hijackthis report,please read through the forums and see if anyone else is having the same problem,and dont just quickly scan down through the posts,these people do this for free,so dont piss them off by reposting old stuff

These sites will help and may save you reformating your harddrive,so remember READ BEFORE YOU POST

Hope it helps

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Ive just spotted that your running Firefox
Are you using this for only the web?
Also you say you are using Avast A/V,but I see AVG A/V running in your system tray

Also I have found this via another forum by someone called "Torti" ➡

OK i've found the solution !!

This is not a worm / virus

The process only schedule tasks in windows tasks scheduler : 24 tasks (1 per hour). Each task is a "shutdown -s -t 30..." command wich shows reboot the computer.

To solve this :

1) be sure to delete YV-239P.exe in the windows\system32 folder

2) be sure this exe is not run at startup (regedit => HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

3) go to the windows task scheduler in accossories\system tools (don't know how it's called in english or german as I'm on a french system...) and delete the 24 tasks...

That's all

another ➡

Let us know how you get on

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I lad a LOT of suspicious activity when I used eMule. I switched to Azureus (BitTorrent) and it all stopped.

Looks like you definately have a virus/spyware.


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Im having the same problem some time ago..(I think 2 years)and i solve with downloading a file from somewhere( i cant remember where...sorry)that it includes two exes.Tho one was a patch to spot the problem and the other was to delete lets say...the spam.

I think that i have put it to a floppy disk and i think that i still have this disk.

Pls pm ur e mail to send u this two files and i hope that u will solve ur problem.(i hope that the demon of my office....hasnt teletransport to the universe this diskete....)


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RadarMan Chief Captain

That's Mblast or blaster, you get it by not having a firewall. It came out about 2 years ago.

I don't know if this will work on a non English system.
Read it over carefully, and don't skip the part about system restore.

After you get rid of it go to Windows update.


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U are right Radarman.I have it in a disk with title ''WARM BLASTER REMOVAL TOLL''Anyway its a blaster 😀 😀 😀 .

If atreyu u have problems to download it let me know to send it to u.


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atreyu Captain

i think what TTT told me might work, im working on it now

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atreyu Captain

ok i think i might have it. my virus scanner removed the file but it had tasks sceduled so i deleted the tasks, now i have to wait and see if i get that message again 😕

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Go for it.... 👏


Its sounding good 👍

If it does happen again,do the same thing and then click start/search and search for the names of the file and then delete them

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well if the screen tht popped up and said that the system was gonna shut down. you have a virus. that has happened to me before.

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well i fixed it everything is running good, thanks guys 🍻

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:groupwave:Which one fixed it?

Just incase someone else ever gets the same problem

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I was running a google search after running into this exact same problem that atreyu had. I had run spybot, ad-aware, xoftspy, and Avast. Nothing had shown up until I got the message and my PC shut down. I got this piece of crap blaster after download a supposedly crack for the Flight1 Pilatus PC-12. Thanks for the info. I ran a search and found YV-239P.exe and it was also in my starting programs.


I feel ashamed to admit that I got one of those as well. Fingers crossed guys.

I dont know Guest

I have now same problem. I can´t fix it, so need help. Which way may help???

I think I got this from Emule...??

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I dont know wrote:

I have now same problem. I can´t fix it, so need help. Which way may help???

I think I got this from Emule...??

Have a read of page 1 of this thread and try everything

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Just got this 'worm'. I ran an exe file which had passed virus detection. PIle of dos windows flew down screen. Was suspicious so checked regedit and deleted YV-239P from run list and removed same exe file from Windows/system32 folder. Not long later computer automatically shutdown. Found another forum which said its not a worm but said it drops tasks into scheduler. There was a whole list of new tasks and selecting properties to each one displayed its to use NT Authority System and shutdown in 30 seconds. Currently running Stinger and FixBlast just as a check. Hopefully this is the answer to this annoying problem. Also read if dialogue box comes up go to Start/Run and type "shutdown -a" ignoring quotes and putting a space before dash.

Hope this helps


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