someone from the bay area?

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i flew to northern california yesterday, and saw all the hills are green, i thought they should be golden color, is it golden or green there now?

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It's summertime all the hills are green. We had a very wet winter, especially northern California.


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Radarman ! Wherfe you live? I thought you were a over-the-pond kinda guy. I lived in Marysville/Yuba City are for 17 yrs... I love N Cal ! rob

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I'm in S.Cal.
When I traveled for business I had the great opportunity to stop at Yuba City (walnuts!) , many many years ago.
I would fly into Sac,(Hertz) drive 52 miles up to Yuba and then back to Sac.

Occasionally I would go to Yuba and then go southwest (back-way) to S.F.
I would go through a small town with a railway station that looked like I was passing through a Gunsmoke set, I loved that trip, so peaceful and calm.


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