cpu wont run flight sim HELP!!!

maxpayne Guest

my cpu wll play the game bit 5 min into the game it will tank and the game will exit. PLZ HELP

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

It could be overheating. Post your PC specs here and take the side off your CPU and place a fan next to it and run FS to see if it works. Hope that helps 😉

manpaynee Guest

amd 1.2ghz
1024mb ram
radeon 9250se
updated drivers for EVERYTHING

and it still crashes. just the game not the cpu. the cpu temp is def not the prob its very cool. dont know what else 2 do. plz help!!! 😞 😞 😞

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have a good amount of ram.
Your CPU is a little low, your video card is getting old and would probably do better with older drivers, my guess is that it's a 64mb card.

Turn down most of your settings, keep them at default or less. Turn down clouds as much as possible, turn off water and shadows.
Keep traffic as low as you can.

I think it's heat and dust in the computer also. When was it's last defrag.


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