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Have attempted two downloaded repaints for the default FS2002 737-400 -
Have followed the "readmes" : the {texture.'x'} folder and program lines for the {aircraft.cfg} text files appear to be correct and in the right places.
The repaint variations however do not appear in the create flight screen.
What am I missing here?? 😕

As an aside - do I have to become a computer einstein instead of a point and click merchant to make use of this site? 😂 - how many variations of postt1800.html are there?? My new Antonov, Dornier and C130 fly but my Concorde ploughs up the runway 'cause I only have static gauges Mad

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You have to follow the directions of the texture installation very closely, once you get it you'll be able to do it easily. The first time is confusing.

You may not have enough of a computer to lift the Concorde up or the runway may be to short. Try Edwards AFB KEDW, they have a long runway and unload all your cargo and 99% of the fuel, see how that works.

I never had 2002, in 2004 we can hit the "Shift+Z" keys two or three times and it brings up 2 lines of information on top of the screen.


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Thanks - more bedtime reading! You really want me to go to FS2004 do'nt you! - when it came out I was'nt impressed with the aircraft content never having stumbled across "downloading aircraft"

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