Crash, problems, and more problems.

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Ok, I am so frustrated with what has been going on to me with this game. I install fs2004, start a tutorial fine...ok. I exit and decide to download the patch. I patch the original version from the Microsoft website, and when I go back into the tutorial section, my game crashes. Not only does it CTD on this page, but also when I click on certain pre-selected flights. Ok, so then I go to a d/l page and decide to download some new planes, military. Everything is successful except for a few that are extremely complicated to install. I get to a microsoft boeing 747 package, that comes with its own install.exe. I run it, the plane works fine. I then downloaded a completely diff 747, and replaced a file, now, I do not see a cockpit view on any 747, and even on some planes. Ok, so now im at the point to reinstall the game. I first go to uninstall the 747 package I installed, and it was a success. When I went to uninstall fs2004, it said there was no uninstall.exe!! The 747 package overrided and replaced my game uninstall.exe! I have tried to reinstall the game over 8 times, but it wont stop crashing. I need a way to uninstall the game completely from the registry and all, because all I have been doing is deleting the folders on my hard drive, but I know that does not remove all of the files. I have a very up to date gaming machine, and I do not understand what the problem is. If anyone has any idea what I can do, or what is wrong please help me out. Thanks

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spuddi Guest

deleting files and folders is not the same as uninstalling.
if you cannot uninstall the flight sim from the control panel you will need to go into the registry to delete it, using regedit.

unless you know what you are doing with the regedit i wouldn't want to offer advise cause you can really kill your machine if you do the wrong things

once you get it back up, I would advise not installing any new planes untill you are happy that the base install is good, then happy that the 9.1 patch is good.

Vei|side Guest

yeah....i realize that it is not the same as the real uninstall..I do not know how to uninstall from the registry, I know how to get there though. Even without new planes, the patch crashed my machine..with just the base installs.

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Additionally, don't install things willy-nilly, or if you insist, back up what you have first.

BTW, start---> all programs ---> microsoft games ---> microsoft flight simulator 2004 ---> uninstall microsoft flight simulator 2004.

If it isn't in the menu, I don't know how you managed to accomplish that.

Vei|side Guest

that is the problem...when I tried to do that, there was no uninstall.exe for fs2004, the plane one replaced it, then deleted itself. So I have the whole game on my system but no means of taking it off...except by manually deleting the folders.

spuddi Guest

If you put in CD1 do you get the option to uninstall fs9?

if the control panel > add/remove programs doesn't include fs2004 then you will have to go to the regedit.

in regedit first do a backup just incase you make it worse and need to get it back to the current state.
then do a search in regedit for FS9 or FS2004 or even flight simulator, delete all entries for them. (i do not know the exact syntax)
cross your fingers reboot the machine and it should come up without any knowledge of fs9. then go for the re-install.

Vei|side Guest

No it was in my add remove programs list, but that list requires that the program have a uninstall.exe. Thanks for all your help i guess IM going to have to just do it throught hte registry.

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