Having problem with Train Simulator

Spideyfan Guest

When I put the graphics settings at maximum, once and a while the framerate drops and the game shutters.

Also I can maximize the setting on other games and they run fine.

My System specifications are:

AMD Athlon 64 processor

2.01 Ghz

1.00 GB of RAM

Video card is: Geforce 6600
256 MB

Is this video card powerful enough to run the game at maximum graphics settings?

I have updated the drivers on the video card, but still having problem.

Any suggestions?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The card is starting to show it's age but MSTS is older also so the card should be new by those standards.

I would just back off on a few of the least important settings until you decide to upgrade your entire system or buy a game that needs a better card.


Spideyfan Guest

I know this might be a dumb question.

Do you think I could run Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 at maximum settings?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's not a dumb question.
I don't have the specs for Trainz like I have for MSTS so I would have to guess that It would be the same situation, older card older software, the card is older than the software so you might have to gear down on some of the less important settings.
You'd be surprised how many of the settings don't show up that much if they are at default or higher.
Trainz is much more graphic intensive than MSTS at least the demo was.
Your card won't handle Trainz 2006 at max, just default if your lucky. Your computer could but not the card.

If you can pick it (2004) up at a good price get it, you won't be sorry. They're both fun if your into trains as much as you seem to be.

Let us know how it all works out and if you like it.


Spideyfan Guest

I downloaded the demo of Trainz 2004, and it is very cool. So most likely I will get the full verison.

There was maybe a very small bit of shutter in a few spots, but it was a big different compared to Train Simulator.

Spideyfan Guest

I downloaded the demo of Trainz 2004, and it is very cool. So most likely I will get the full version.

There was maybe a very small bit of shutter in a few spots, but it was a big difference compared to Train Simulator.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes, it seems to be much more detailed and modern looking.
Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad the demo played well for you.
I hope the full sim is as enjoyable and as good looking as the demo.
Good luck and enjoy! 👍

I'm not certain but I think MS sold the rights to the sim to someone so there may be a #2 after all.
They did that with all of the sports they had, it was a "deal" with EA because of the XBox.
They did keep the Flight Sim, it's a big winner for them.


Spideyfan Guest

RadarMan thanks for answering my questions, I have one more for you.

XFX GeForce 6800 GT

Do you this card would be able to handle Trainz 2006 at maximum settings?

I was considering to upgrade to this card or one like it in the future.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Excellent card, just be sure you get an AGP one, some of them have different letters or numbers and are PCI express cards, that would mean you have to get a new mother-board.

Be sure that your power supply is at least 450w to handle that card. If it's the original p/s then it's about 250w.
Take a look at quality p/s the cheap ones with high numbers aren't always that good.
I consider them the best http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/ although there are many good ones like them.


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