Led Zeppelin airplane

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Hi all

I don't suppose anyone wants to create the Led Zeppelin airplane. If done right it will be such a good download.

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Here are the first steps I have made in the Led Zeppelin a/c which is one of Kittyhawk's B737/8, freely available at Avsim.

..... and it flies too -

Now - what I know about Led Zeppelin could be written on the head of a pin - and a small pin at that, but I have gleaned a little from Google.

I thought to make the theme their "2005 World Tour" - I don't know if they are having one!!!
Just let me know asap if this is OK and I'll see what I can do - won't do much more today as I am going to watch the Open Golf on TV. 😂

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Looks great Dave!! 👍

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