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frames rates again part 3

tonemar Guest

Once again thanks for your replies. Tried the 'Speedup' program, still no joy.
My system. Nvidia GeForce MX 440 with AGP8X,
AMD Athlon XP 2200+,
512 RAM.
As I said before the program was perfectly happy with this set up, just suddenly frame rates dropped to basically zero when trying to move on the ground.
Every other program works fine???
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GeForce MX 440 is getting old, it needs to be replaced by a more modern card and it wouldn't hurt to have another 512mb of ram pushing you to 1gig.

Anytime your "on the ground" at an airport the scenery is overwhelming the machine, in this case your video card.
This is a graphic intensive piece of software and nothing is as complex as the airports.
If you have your clouds on the lowest settings as you take off and leave the airport and city setting you'll see your FPS climb.


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I use ATI, there is an option for performance or quality, after I switched to performance, the frame rate problem was gone, even in the thickest clouds and heaviest traffic......interestingly, I dont quite see much degradation in quality.....

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