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Seeing this is the Off Topic board can anyone help me with this:

I'm visiting New York for a mini break from December 27th to Jan 3rd. My question is what would you say I should do while I'm visiting? I've never been to the States before and don't really know what to expect.

A helicopter ride over the city is a must, whats the best/economic one?

Time Square New Years Eve, whats it like? Is it better to go to a bar round the corner instead of being stuck in a place where you can't move, get a drink, go to the toilet?

Is there anything else I should think about doing?

The title says "For US the people" but would gladly here from anyone else who has experianced the New Year period there.

I'm flying Manchester/Dublin/JKF with Aer Lingus and staying somewhere on 7th Avenue near Madison Square Garden. Is there anywhere I should be going to in the area?

Any help much appreciated

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Well, even if it is a bit pre-mature, WELCOME TO NEW YORK! I've lived here all my 21 years of life, and coudln't imagine a better city =).

First of all, expect everywhere you go to be EXTREMELY crowded. You're coming at the busiest time this place experiences, and since you'll be staying somewhat near to Times Square, you'll feel the full brunt of it!

I can't help you with the helicopter ride, sadly. I havn't really gotten to know the local airspace well (since it includes Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia), so you'll have to look around for that.

New Years in Times Square is great, but hectic. The police are there screening bags pretty thoroughly, and the place is usually packed from (the latest) 8 or 9 oclock. I've never been but I've never known a friend to be standing near someone who isn't sick from drinking. Local bar sounds like a better idea, but those too will be packed like Times Square!

Getting to walk through Central Park is a must, my reccomendation is either the lower east side of it, or up around 86th street where the fountains, ponds, bridges, etc. are. The Metropolitan Museum of Art on East 82nd street is nice as well! Rockerfeller center, around 47th street in midtown is gorgeous that time of year too.

Aside from that, just wander around and enjoy yourself =). I live up on West 137th street, waaaaay uptown from where you'll be, but maybe our paths will cross in a bar somewhere!

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I was born there but left young.
Do the same stuff you see us do when we come to your country, tourist stuff.
Don't wander the streets at night.

Statue of Liberty (it's open now).
Empire State Building, top viewing area.
Take a tourist boat ride around Manhattan Island.
Radio City Music Hall.

Rockefeller Center (NBC tour).

Just have a good time!


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A must see in the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. I went there once. It is so cool. They have a retired aircraft carrier that you can walk all over. They have loads of aircraft parked on the deck, including the BlackBird(worlds fastest airplane). They have tons of stuff below deck including full motion Flight Simulators that you can fly in. There is also a submarrine next to the Intrepid. You can take tours of the Battle Submarrine. They also have the Concord on display behind the sub. It's sitting on a barg.
Here's the site:

Here's the address:

Pier 86 12th Ave. & 46th Street
New York City, New York 10036
Phone: 212-245-0072

If your calling from out side the US you have to have a country code.

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By the way, Radar Man brings up a good point. There's A LOT of good theatre around New York, but if you plan on seeing any, buy your tickets NOW, or at least VERY soon, since they're usually sold out at least two months in advance for that season.


I've used both and they're certainly not going to scam you =).

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If you get to Rockefeller Center on Saturday, around 1 AM, you can meet the cast of Saturday Night Live 😉

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Don't forget to head down to the Battery and ride the ferry to Staten Island and back. It is an inexpensive way to take photois of the city's skyline and the Statue of Liberty

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Thanks everyone. I know it's a few months off but I'll keep you posted as to what happens if I'm still about then.

Thanks again.

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