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hello there,
As some of you know, I was gone for a month, because of lack of internet access in Lebanon, where I visited. The trip was great. To start off, we departed from Dammam headed to Beirut in MEA's A321-200. For the most part, it was a comfortable flight, however as we approached Beirut, we passed over a few high mountains, giving us a little bit of low pressure. I stayed in Lebanon for about a month. It was fine - I saw a few members of the family and some old friends. Yesterday night, at around 2:00 AM, I boarded MEA flight 209, also an A321-200 from Beirut to Charles De-Gaulle, Paris. I was pretty upset to see that I would be in cramped quarters for so long. I didnt get much sleep on that flight either, just because it was very uncomfortable. We arrived in CDG early in the morning, at around 5:00 AM. I had to switch terminals, but that wasn't a problem, seeing as how I had 4.5 hours till I had to board my connecting flight. So, I did all that, and the rest of the time was spent just waiting until everything was ready. Finally, at 9:30, the agent was announcing boarding the autobus, so we got on, and it took us, to one of the greatest aircraft of all. I was stunned as the bus crept closer and closer to the magnificent 777-200ER. The aircraft was beautiful. The flight was not too bad either. I slept for the most part of the Atlantic crossing, and by the time we entered the U.S, it was apparent that skies were covered by clouds everywhere. We approached Houston, and descended through the clouds. The 777 encountered some pretty rough turbulence, but the landing was better than ever - A great captain. He sailed the airplane perfectly, so the tires just pressed onto the ground like never before. He didn't open full reverse, so I wasnt thrusted hard into my seat like usual, so I must say that this was my favorite part of the trip. Houston was torture. The airport services didn't help us well. They delayed us, and the airport system is not very well set up. I won't go into details mainly because it would take forever, but I dont think I'll be making any more connections in houston. I ended up missing my AA flight to Dallas, so I had to catch the next one, 2 hours later. The aircraft was beautiful. We boarded the magnificent S80. I loved it. The takeoff was smooth, and the engines are unusually silent. We had to stroll around in the east of texas for a little while, however, because there were thunderstorms on our route to dallas. We finally approached the airport just 37 minutes after our departure. The pilot did something strange on our approach. He issued gear down when turning to final. Don't standard rules demand that the pilot issue gear down ON final? Correct me if I'm wrong please. Well the landing was also smooth. The pilot taxxied to the gate pretty slowly, however I can acknowledge that, seeing how Dallas had a pretty high traffic density level. Well, I'll be in Dallas for about a month, then its back to Dammam. I'm glad to be back

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Good to see you back, too bad you can't stay permanently.


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Welcome back 😀. Sounds like you had fun ❗ 👍

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Welcome back, cc9 😀

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