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Repaint for your own Exec Jet

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

How would you like your own personal Exec Jet with your name on it?
I should warn you that it is a bit like Henry Ford's first cars - you can have any color, as long as it's black !! 😂
In this case you can have any a/c - as long as it is the default FS2004 Lear 35 which actually is not a bad a/c.
There are a few conditions -
1. All the same color scheme - this is an example (not the cowling/pods)of the basic color scheme but a lot more to do on it -

2. Apart from the color scheme you can have any name you want on it (as long as it doesn't have 345 letters in it 😂

3 Your own name where indicated .

4. If you want a particular logo or photograph on the a/c - then you must supply that logo/photo in jpg format with a size limitation of 250x250 pixels. I will not entertain Leonardi da Vinci's "Last Supper" 🙄

5. The font used will be my choice unless you particularly ask for a specific font and I have it on my computer.

You can contact me by email - repaints at brora dot freeserve dot - although I would like the requests through this thread.

Have just realised that this might have been posted in the Repaints Section of the Forum - but does anyone apart from me, Radarman and Chris visit there now? 🙄
First come first served.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What a generous and fantastic offer, my hat is off to you Dave, you are a true gentleman! 👍


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I have mine!!!

Radarman 😀oesn't look if the Learjet 35 is very popular - or maybe it's my painting Embarassed

Maybe just as well there are no takers, as got an invitation this morning to attend hospital at the end of the week and may be there for a wee while.
So I'll be off- forum as of now - got more important things to do - cheers

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Weekends are slow on this site so don't judge it yet. Limiting it to one type of aircraft will cut down the replies also.
Have them send you a link to a blank of their liking, maybe you'll get some responses then.

I'm sorry that you are off the that place that I hate, I hope it is very minor and we see you back soon.
You have my e-mail, keep me apprised if you will.
All the best!


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