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I found a nice 757 panel that included the cabin crew announcements, so I downloaded. The isntructions asked that I place the Sound.dll file into the modules. There were alot of other instructions to be carried out, but when I finished, I tried to load the sim, but it just crashed after the opening FS9 screen. I deleted everything and tried, but still, the sim failed to work. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the sim, and tried again. I did everything, except insert the Sound.dll module. The sim worked fine, but the Crew announcements didn't work. Apparently, it required the Sound.dll file. I placed it, and then, as I expected, the sim crashed. Even after I deleted the module, it still failed to work. So, my conclusion, is that when I inserted the Sound.dll file, it replaced some other important module, and therefore my sim wont start. I need to know what that module is. Does anyone have any ideas. If you have an answer please post it as soon as possible. Thanks

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You have to replace the Sound.dll module with the latest one.
You can "pick" it off one of the fs9 disks.


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GREAT! 😀, how do i do that Blink Unsure

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Try to do it from windows explorer.Find the dll. in your cd and copy it to the specifiec folder.If it is the same name you will be asked if you want to replace it.Just press yes.This is a clever way to check if you replace the correct file.


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thanks guys. it finally worked. I'll just download seperate cabin crew announcements.. Dont Know

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Thanks Embarassed

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