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Frame rate hangs or loads.

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First off I'll give some computer info:

AMD 64 3000+ CPU @ 2.6 ghz
3 gig of ram 4 dim slots filled
2x6600GT SLI

Can run battle Field 2 with no problems at 1280x960 res, high quality setting and 4xAA/4xAF.

When running flight sim 2004 I'm experiencing frame hangs every about 15 seconds. In between the hangs I get fairly good frame rates from 30-80 fps.

I have 2x512 Corsair XMS Memory modules that have the LED activity lights. When the frame rate hangs for about a second I see the activity lights go from mostly all on to nothing which is really strange.

I have never seen this in any game i've ever playes BF2, HL2, FarCry......

What could be the problem?


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You have a super setup.
Update to the latest video drivers.
Turn down the clouds to the minimum that you can stand, shut off the shadows. Try this program that shuts down the programs running in the background.
Let us know how you do.

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There are only about 80 games(at the moment) that have been coded to run properly under SLI, Farcry beeing one of them(check out the Farcry site for a free upgrade and extra levels)
Fs9 has not been coded to run in 64bit mode and I doubt it will be patched to do so with Fs10 just around the corner(but that opens up a whole new can of worms about compatability)

Duel GFX cards split the picture into two,and each card handles a varying amount of the gfx.Fs9 is not only GFX intensive it also is very demanding on the CPU

I read an article this very day about it and Fs9 was mentioned as to being a poor performer under SLI
(the article is not on the web...yet )if it does not show up soon I will scan the page and post)

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WoooHOoooo! Figured out what it is. It was EZ landmark from Abacus. Turned it off and smooth as silk!

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Ok I've checked the website again and it only gives 1/2 the article(perhaps to make you buy the mag 🙄 ....MicroMart issue 860)
And seeing as my scanner seems to have gone on its summer hols ,
here are the bits that I think relate to you,or anyone thinking of an upgrade

A word of warning

Blah blah.......

a growing problem in high performance gaming is CPU limitided performance.In brief this problem occurs when a GFXcard is substantialy more powerful than the CPU and causes the CPU to limit the overall performance,effectivly stopping the GFXcards from performing at best.

One reason the writer mentions the above is that if he/she had spent a whole lot of cash on a super SLI duel card rig,he/she would be mighty
pi Censored ed off to see no performance boost in their fav game.

It go'es on to say ➡

Thankfully there are solutions (my edited version) ➡

Turn on all the bells and whistles
And bang up your screen res to 1600x1200 with a high refresh rate(if your monitor cannot then here is a need for an upgrade)

Examples of popular CPU limited games include ➡

Call of Duty
Sims 2
Warcraft 3
Rome Total War

Its a very good mag for upgraders/builders or just anyone who has a PC interest

Hope it helps 😉

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