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I am still fairly new to flight sim but i always have the same problem..
i dont really know when i'm lined up with the runway when the runways i sight its to late but even then i'm still not 100 percent sure that i'm on the right path

Every so once in a while i get in line with the runway and i can land a plane perfectly but someone please help me out there must be someway to know

I must sound like an ametuer but bear with me dudes

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

I don't know if you are talking about glideslope or left/right deviation.

To tell if you are left/right, use the runway center line and try to put it right between your legs.

For Glideslope, try this:

It explains both PAPI and VASI lighting systems.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

It sounds like you are using too big of a plane. First try it with a smaller plane. The 172SP or even the Piper Cub.

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