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hi everyone. am having trouble with my frame rates i have fs9 installed along with fly the arbus and ultimate traffic and one volume of british airports and my average rates while on the ground are around 9 fps and goes to about 20 on the 2d cokcpit view and only gets worse when i come to land at a busy ariport where it just stutters all the way to the gate. i have AMD 64 3.4 with 1gig of ram windows xp sp2 geforce 6800 gt asus k8vse deluxe motherboard i have all the updated drivers for my graphic card. i have turned off all my weather and traffic is at 0 and even some of the scenery is on 0 but still the frame rates are low and never touch 30 like i see most ppl are getting here and more i was thinking or going to get a p4 and getting the extreme motherboard for intel from pcworld for about £159 and £120 or more for the p4 chip. any help or info about shuting down processes that i wont need while running fs9 whould be
helpfull to thanks

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Yeah that should work. Also try to lower your scenery settings.

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Get the latest drivers for your video card and follow what they said.
Keep clouds as low as possible and shut off shadows and water slides.



Hi there. Im neither a computer or flight sim whiz, so I wont be of much specific help, but what struck me about your problem was the awesome power of your system.

If your only getting 9 fps at times, it sounds like something is sucking away your computers vast resources. I would think you could run any sim or game out there without turning off or turning down much of anything.., with such a modern powerful PC.

I would do all the basics as far as latest drivers for both the MoBo and video card of course. Take nothing for granted, like your memory either. (does the computer "see" it all and see it properly like dual channell etc)There are a gazillion programs out there that check and tweak your registry, clean "crap" from your computer;etc (crapcleaner is a good one and its free and usually finds plenty of crap when I run it)

Theres also programs that shut down unneccesary background stuff but I cant think of them off hand. Search for one and try it. Run a virus scan for good measure and check for spyware with the latest most updated spyware removal program.

A key question would be,; Is the problem confined to FS9, and other graphics intensive stuff runs fast? If its just FS9 then I would of course research FS9 on the web, looking for similar issues peculiar to the sim.
Try removing and reinstalling it after doing all the other basic things. Ive cured many weird problems in other games by doing this although its a bit inconveinent.

Also find a good benchmarking program and put your system thru its paces. These tools really push your system and you should see a really high score as you have a fairly high powered PC. The results might point you in the right direction.

Finally, when you find the culprit (you will, its just a question of how much hair is pulled out in the process!) dont forget to post again to let everyone know about it !

Sorry I cant just say "well change this or that" and I know a lot of this advice is just general and youve probably done most of it allready, But I have found that even ultra complex problems with sophisticated machines can often be solved with the ol "assume nothing" (is it plugged in? lol !) and basics first philosophy and often times the problem just mysteriously dissappears during the process when you havent even really changed anything, but were just checking on something .

Of course this works out for me real good because I only have a feeble grasp of the basics at this point so my procedure is naturally 'basic stuff' intensive !

A real computer nerd could probably narrow it down faster! (where are they when you need them!)

Good luck !!

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thanks for the fast reply and the time you took to reply. i have used 3dmark and it performs pretty good with 30fps on most of the demos but when it goes to use the cpu for the graphics its down to 2fps so maybe its my cpu thats not good enough as i think even tho its a 3.4 it runs at about 2.40. thats why i wanted to go to p4 cos i was told it runs at 3.4 and not lower i have doom 3 and half life 2 and i have all the settings high and they peform very good with little to no slow down at all. it seems to be just with fs9, the memorey i have is 3 sticks of kingston 512mb and it shows up in system as so it knows there is over a gig there...thanks

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i forgot to say that i have revision 1001 for my mobo but i have dl the 1007 update but i dont know how to update the mobo

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What other programes are you running as well as FS9?

Don't go to PCWorld for your upgrades go to a hardware supplier. If you live in the UK try these ➡

They could be cheaper than PCWorld and they will know alot more as well.

Updateing your BIOS is a very tricky and complecated thing to do if you don't know what your doing as you can wipe the programming have a read of this ➡

BIOS update

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yea i didnt wanna use pc world if i can help it as i know they are rubbish. the only programs am running with fs9 are norton firewall and anti virus but i turned them off and tried to run fs9 but still not diffrence. does anyone know what the best motherboard is for a p4 chip i seen one in pc world called intel pentium 4 extreme he said its the best one they have at around £158

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Is it going to be for Xtreme gaming or not?

gaming try these

They all take the P4 HT technology processer and are PCI-E compatable boards as well.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go into process's that show's you what programmes are running in the back ground.


I wouldnt be so quick to give the amd processor the heave-ho just yet! Its your money but the difference in clock speed isnt as significant in performance as the numbers would suggest.
I dont beleive you are short of raw power at all, being able to run those other games at max settings is no small feat. Those Intel P4EE's arent exactly inexpensive; and a complete replacement of mobo and cpu isnt exactly the most elegant way to troubleshoot PC issues.
Of course it may well work and the sim might run happily with the new combo (or not!) but it wont prove that the faster clock speed was the answer. more than likely the real problem just happened to get tossed with the rest !
Youve got plenty of raw power that is juat not getting utilized by the sim for some obscure, annoying and I would wager basic problem with the PC and the sim just not getting along so to speak.
Its like having a high powered car with a slippery clutch.

Of course you might just want to get back to flying and not everyone has the time or inclination for the agony and ecstasy (well mostly agony!) of resolving PC woes , so you might want to consider having a real computer nerd look at your machine even if it costs $, still cheaper than replacing everything.

As a last resort, go buy a cheap light sabre toy, find a place where star wars fans congregate and just mill about; diverting all conversation regarding Sith Lords and such to your problem with fs9 !! 😀

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I agree with the post above, you have more than enough resources to run FS9 well.
The problem is somewhere else.
Check you Direct X 9 properties
make sure all the display features are enabled.
definitely turn off NAV which is a resouce hog if ever there was one.

If it was mine I would uninstall all the Norton stuff completely (my opinion only) and put on something like Avast Free AV and just use the XP firewall.

CrapCleaner as mentioned above is good, but here is on that is also free and finds much more crap than CCleaner.

after using it, run your defragger.

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I agree that there is a problem since my system doesn't have the power described, but runs FS well. I agree that Norton is a resource drain. Avast is good, but the XP (SP2) firewall only protects against incoming connection. Either the free editions of zone alarm or sygate also block unauthorized outbound connections.

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Right CrashGordon,

XP firewall only blocks incoming traffic, but if you keep the system squeeky clean of malware, spyware, tracking cookies etc, there won't be anything there to connect outward that you don't know about..

Of the two mentioned software firewalls, Sygate is the best choice from my experience.. ZoneAlarm free can cause all sorts of mahem..


to eliminate any possibility of crapware interfering with things.

Scan it with SpyBot Search and destroy
Adaware SE
A squared Trojan Scanner

Install and update SpywareBlaster.

Make sure to update all these programs before running them.

Let them all remove everything they find.

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