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Anonymous Localizers?

hutchinson Guest

Last night I was happily playing FS9, flying a Beechcraft King from LAX to Las Vegas, going from VOR to VOR. Vegas tower gave me clearance for runway 7R, and I went to find the localizer code on the airport page, but there was none listed! I went ahead and made a decent enough landing without the localizer, but still!

I noticed that only a couple of the several runways at LAS had localizer frequencies listed. Is there some way I should have deduced the localizer frequency?


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Not all runways at all airports have localizers just the ones that are listed. If the runway has a localizer frequency then it'll be listed. Choose a different runway if you want to use ILS 😉

hutchinson Guest

Okay, thanks. I'm still new at this stuff. I guess I've been lucky so far that my runways always had localizers before.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

No problem 👍

Don Wood Guest

In Sim and in real life, if you are on an IFR flight plan or request an IFR appoach in-flight, you will be positioned for and then cleared to whatever IFR appoach is in use at the current time at that airport. Some large airports may have more then one active approach. The real world clearance will sound something like: " Wifebeater 177, Las Vegas approach. You're cleared for the McCarren Rwy 7-left ILS approach, contact tower at the outer marker.". BTW-the NAV frequency for the ILS/DME 7L runway at McCarran is 110.3. The 7R ILS is 111.75.

If you are not IFR, approach will hand you off to the tower at the appropriate point and the tower will then clear you to land, without specifying a type of approach, to the active runway which may or may not have a published approach you can use to help with the landing.

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Paiute First Officer

According to FAA data for McCarran Airport there is no ILS approach to either Runway 7L or Runway 7R (unless they have been added very
recently). Only runways 25R, 25L, and 01L have ILS approaches. Some mountains as high as 8,000 feet are about 15 miles west of the airport. That may be the reason why 7R and 7L don't have ILS. 😎

Don Wood Guest

I stand corrected. Paiute is correct. I don't know why but an old chart I used for McCarren Sim approaches had that data handwritten on it and I did not bother to check it.

You could still use the ILS or Localizer frequencies for 25L or 25R to align on either RW7. You would just tune the correct frequency for the RW25 approach and then fly it as a back course approach. It is not published so you could not fly it as an IFR approach but it is completely legal to use the backcourse indicator in a VFR approach.

The frequencies for both Sim and real-world are: 25L-7R 111.75; 25R-7L 110.3.

Mea Culpa for the confusion I caused.

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