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Is there an adaptor for the Microsoft Force Feedback Pro joystick. I got hold of one from a friend (I'm currently using a Saitek Cyborg). It is a 15 pin gameport connection though, and all I have are USB ports. Please help, I'd love to have a rudder again...


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yes ok is there a best buy near you or in your area.?????>>>> if so go there they have what ever you are looking for

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There isn't a specific adapter for that stick just generic adapters.
If like JJB said you can't find it locally you can get them on line.
We've had mixed results posted here for adapters, they work for some and others complained.


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I used to use one. it worked Ok for most of the time, however every so often the game would move the throttle to where I had it on the joystick (i never used the joystick throttle) so I would suddenly go idle.
It was as if the adapter thought i had just moved the throttle.

in the end I just left the throttle in the middle postion so that i wouldn't get large drops/increases in power.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Where you have more than one device, you have to make sure that the unwanted throttle is disabled on one device via the FS settings. I have both a joystick and an MS Sidewinder game contoller(for the extra buttons). And the "preferred" throttle works fine.

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