Win $100 of Flight Sim software at Screenshot

Monstad Guest

We are pleased to announce that this months MSFS competition has turned into the 'Captain Sim Summer Screenshot Contest'.

'....big deal man'

I hear you say 🙂

Well this contest offers the following Captain Sim products for the winner:

Legendary 727
Legendary F-104
Legendary Mig-21
Yakolev Yak-3

Thats approx $100 worth of prizes!

You can post two shots in this contest and change your entry as many times as you like before the deadline. No editing allowed in this competition

Anyone who has already entered a shot into this months MSFS competition can retain their entry into this contest. Head over to our competition section to post your entry here

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Pro Member First Officer
michlin First Officer

What do you mean No editing allowed in this competition ? Every image on that site has been adjusted. 😕

Monstad Guest

Not all of them, there are many shots posted with no editing 🙂

As for this competition, and most held at SSA, there is no editing allowed allowing everyone the chance to win.

Pro Member Captain
atreyu Captain

if your really good at photosshop you wont be able to tell

Monstad Guest

I have been editing screenshots for 2 years as have some of the judges - we can tell Wink

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

I've been a member there since it started and they know if you Photoshop a screenshot, don't do it and become embarrassed when your caught.


Monstad Guest

Yup, please be assured you are on a level playing field.

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