my curiosness never seises.....

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JarJarBinks wrote:

hey i was wondering < > hey again oh well anyway what is the majority of genders are here like Male/ or Female. i like to know what my surounding are like some things i say are offensive too women and even men so if you dont think its a proper question then dont answer to my question.

It doesn't matter how many women there are on the site (quite a few) we don't allow foul language.

Read the General Rules TTT posted above (sticky).


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like i said my curiosness never seeises. any way sorry if i offended anyone here my oppologies!

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NO PROBLEM MAN, IT WAS only a question, you have the right to nnow each one of us, it just matter of ime; there are a few womans, butt doesn´t matters, we all enjoy flying FS9.

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