Takes me to the desktop!

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Everytime I play I always get taken back to the desktop while I'm in flight, then i have to click the program again on the taskbar. Then sometimes the whole game quits on me Evil or Very Mad Hopefully someone has a way to fix this!

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Mising files?, fik the archives, some times thats the problem i get thought that to 😞

JORDAN21 Guest

its not just once in awhile, more like every 5-10 minutes, then after 30 minutes or so the game shuts down so i can't go on long flights 😞

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It's most likely overheating, this sim is very graphic intensive and makes your computer work harder than usual.
Take the side off the case and point a fan at it. Take a flight, if you don't crash then you have to clean the fans you already have and add others (they are very inexpensive).
One fan in the back on the grid will take out the hot air, if you can add one in front to bring in cool air that would be great.
Don't forget to clean the CPU heatsink fan, the dirt cakes up in the narrow vanes and overheats it.
The sim or the computer should not be run all the time with the side off, just for this "experiment".

Take all the usual precautions against static electricity while working inside your computer.

Let us know how you do.


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Jordan21 Guest

thanks for the tip, I checked the fan and it is very dirty! I guess i should check this once in awhile. I'll try the fan idea 🙂 and tell you if it works!

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