Planes pull right!!!!!!!!

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Hi all...well,,I finally got my browser adjusted so I could join...Got my new puter...Is GREAT!!!!!!!1

But...Having a few probs...Any help would be greatly appreciated...

After a few flights,,the planes always pull to the right....As in ,,can't fly straight....Settings are on easy...Trim is set..Uninstalled game twice today,,fragged my C drive,,and still does it....also have only partial throttle controll...As I pull back,,it won't go to idle..I have to hit f1.... The same with full power...Set throttle to full but it won't go,,have to hit f4.... Am using a Logitec 3d... Replaced it yesterday cause old one was doing the same.....ready to return the game.....What do you all think????? Thanks for any help.........

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ScottMc Trainee

have you tried to calabrate the joystick? if yes then can you trim the airplane for straight and level flight? good luck

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Hi ScottMC.... I thought this was a joystick prob so I took it back....I have a Logitec 3D and I can't calibrate it...All it will do is show me the movements on a chart....The last one was bad cause the rudder movements only functioned half way to the right,,and would stick at times in the Y axis.... New one seems to do better.... But the Mooney cannot be controled during flight...Well,not real good..Even on AP it banks to the right,,So I am thinking it is a game prob.... Have uninstalled it twice and it still happens...I may take the game back and get it replacrd..I know the game is corrupt cause it has other problems.....

Oh...Trimming the Mooney does no good...Its all over the place....LOL Thanks for your help though and input........

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tomthetank Chief Captain

If you use the number pad on your keyboard for wingviews or something be careful not to hit the enter key as this will have you off the runway quicker than anything

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Thanks TomtheTank.....I have done that before,,but do not believe that is the problem.... This is a pulling to right during flight...

I did download a linar flight control and it really helps with taxying......

Now the prob seems to be getting better..It may have something to do with the box,,weather has no effect on aircraft,which is checked but things seem good now,even thou this box has been checked all along......

I may still return the game,but not today..We just got 14 inches of snow yesterday and last night....... Surprised

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