Virgin Atlantic Flight 205 Simulator Accident Report

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Hey everybody, first post! Wondering if you've ever experienced anything like this.

Flight Synopsis; at 6:25 local time a Virgin Atlantic Airlines 747-400 callsign Virgin 205 egressed Chicago O'Hare with an IFR flightplan for London Heathrow.

At 4:15 Local Time, the 747 made an aborted landing on runway 9L at London Heathrow after an MD-80 wandered onto the active runway.

After an uneventful go-around, Virgin 205 was cleared to land following two Company 737's, their landings were normal. At 4:24, the Boeing 747-400 made a landing just past the numbers, at which time witnesses say the aircraft failed to slow down and overran the end of runway 9L, collapsing the landing gear, and sliding into three inhabited buildings. Casualty reports are not available yet. The aircraft was destroyed.

Flight Data Recorder(instant replay) indicated that flaps were 30' on touchdown and landing gear was locked down. Spoilers deployed after the nose gear contacted the ground, and the pilot reported deploying thrust reversers at 130 knots. He also reports the sound the engines made was not consistent with thrust reverse, and that the aircraft just didn't want to slow down. Just before the overrun, the black box indicated that autobrakes were moved to Max. Fifteen tires were found either flat-spotted or blown.

The data recorder showed that engines were at 109% despite thrust reversal, and engine cowls were found with thrust reversers in the stowed position. The pilot reported that he had the autothrottle engaged to maintain a 152 knot glideslope. He also reports turning off the autopilot, but neither he nor the co-pilot report turning off the autothrottle.

The investigation reports that the incident was caused by incorrect procedure in turning off the autothrottle, all emegency procedures were correct, but engines at maximum it was impossible to slow the aircraft down.

This investigation recommends that autothrottle is not used to maintain glideslope speed.

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spuddi Guest

Yeah, NoWorries, i've also been the cause of a few trenches at the end of runways due to the autothrottle not being switched off.

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FHeselton Trainee

Tell me about it.....I've been put on the hot seat also. Call it PILOT ERROR.

spuddi Guest

hey, NoWorries are you on the USAFE base at Lakenheath?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Well, at least now you'll NEVER forget to turn off the AutoThrottle on landing!

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

spuddi wrote:

hey, NoWorries are you on the USAFE base at Lakenheath?

Yes, yes I am...been here?

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