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Problem with the getting started Flight

Chrisab508 Guest

Hey guys,
I recently got FS2004, and am just getting into the whole flight sim thing. I watched the getting started videos, and then i started the getting started flight, however, im having problems.
In the "Getting Started" flight, i take off just fine, and then at 1500 feet he takes over. He banks to the right at 20 deg, i do the same. He banks to the left at 20 deg, i do the same. He lines us up for landing and tells me to put flaps on 1st, then 2nd, then full. I do all of that. Then, once we're about 2.5 - 3 miles from the runway he tells me to take over. Well, as soon as he says that, the plane just banks hard and spirals and i lose control completely? Im not touching ANYTHINg when it happens. Is it a bug? do i need a patch or something?

Thanks a lot guys.



That happened to me the first time i try it, have you done it more times? I got it the the second time. Try doing it again....

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