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Hi guys,

I recently purchased My Traffic for MS Flight Sim and am toying with the idea of getting the full version of FSPassengers as well.

I was wondering from an experienced simmers perspective. Is there any add ons you know about that you would consider worth while to buy/download that you would reccomend that either add depth to the experience or the scenery in particular.



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As for add ons it all depends on what you want from the sim
A great d/load for flying is the LevelD 767 ➡ Payware

For scenery,unless you want somewhere special I would check this site 1st to see if any freeware is available ➡

If you just want to fly with good fre scenery check out ➡

While your in Italy check out these adventures ➡

Search avsim for Breman This one has the lot

That lot should keep you going for a while,and it did'nt cost you a penny

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Very good suggestions from the Welsh gentleman that is TTT.

I would say:-

-- If you mainly fly in the UK, get the 'British Airports' (South East) add-on that includes fab versions of all the big London Airports.

-- If you can afford it, get "FS Global" as it hugely enhances the terrain of the FS world... If you can't afford that one get "FS Terrain" from Just Flight which has just ben reduced.

-- For planes, get Level D 767, Feelthere (Wilco) ERJ 145, Captain Sim Legendary 727 and PMDG 737NG, if you like ultra realistic Airliners (that can often take us mere mortals a month to learn how to fly, even just in the FS world... they ARE realistic!).

-- If you like GA (General Aviation - small planes like Cessnas), get Just Flight 'Flying Club', it has 4 of the best.

-- You NEED some realistic traffic, so get Traffic 2005 when it comes out in 2 weeks, or Traffic 2004 if you can't wait... or Ultimate Traffic or you want to max out the traffic and have a powerful PC.

-- Get 'Flight Deck Companion' (Live Cockpi) if you want a First Officer in the cockpit with you(that you want to hear), and a Cabin Crew in the back.

-- Get FS Passengers if you want to look after Passengers, run an airline, manage a pilots career and be assessed after each flight.

-- Get FS Navigator or FS Commander 7.0, if you want a more advanced Flight Planner.

-- Get saving up - this is one EXPENSIVE hobby! 😉

pearlygatesuk Guest

Thanks to both of you guys for taking the time to answer my query - both increadibly comprehensive answers.

Much Appreciated



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