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747 400 Crash

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

So I'm flying along the Arizona skyways at 30,000 ft..Ap on,FD on,all controls surfaces are set,,been flying for 200 miles this way,,just looking around and having fun when.......

For no reason the bells and warnings go off,and I look up to see the jet is out of control,upside down and spinning out of control...So I bring up the cockpit view,,undo all flight auto stuff,and about 8,000 ft get the plane under control... Whewwwwww That was close...

OK...Back to attlitude,,controls set again...All is good.....When it just drops straight down from 30,000 and burries itself in the ground.....

What went wrong???? We all died...Nothing to do but exit at that point...Any one else seen this happen???????????

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Confused Again repost in Fs9 General

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CHAPPY Trainee

This might sound strange, but I have found that, if you use the de-icer it stops the wings of the aircraft from freezing up. When the wings freeze up the air cannot flow over them properly causing the plane to fall out of the sky. I don't know if that was your problem or if the autopilot screwed the trim up too much, when it tried to copensate for the stall. Idea

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Hmmmm...Good thought there Chappy..

You know..I don't remember if it was summer or winter,,but be sure from here on out the deicers will be on and working....LOL Thanks bud....

And TomtheTank...I'm not real sure what you mean about ,,,Again repost in FS9 General........Sorry......

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