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Every time I start 2004 up as the start page loads I get a message that the flight is corrupt,and do I want FS 2004 to try the defalt flight??? Now this is at the beginning when the start page comes up,,You know,,the one with the DC3 pic on it....

Is this game corrupt or what...It will load the default flight but I fear this may get worse when the game is out of warrenty...Should I get it replaced?????? I have reinstalled it twice to no advail........

What should I do ??????? Thanks....

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Shocked What you doing down here? You will get a better response in Fs9 General . This is for the Flyaway site problems

In My Documents on your pc you should have a folder called Flight simulator files (Fs9 put it there for you)Open it and delete them(or move to a new folder) one by one and loading Fs9 after each delete
(Fs stores your saved flights here and somethings gone wrong with one of them)
I think that might just sort it

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Thanks again...Sorry..Didn't realize this was for site bigs....Yea,,,I'm a little slow at

Actually,,I do deleat all old flights before flying again...It didn't help....

But my new puter got sick and crashed..Lost or had a corrupt startup file...Go figure....Thats what I was telling you in the post that did not post in general chat...........

But is fixed now...All is well.....Now have created a restore point,and made a back up disc for the future..My puter was down all day yesterday...I was pissed... 2 1/2 hours with tech........

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