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The heck is it?

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What is AirCash? It's on EskyWorld or whatever, but what in heck does it do for you?


Never heard of it bro.

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Dunno, I read the FAQ, but I'm still lost as to what you do with ht

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

From what I can gather the AirCash is something used on the site. You get paid for flying on there servers (pretend money guys 😞 )

The money you earn you can buy gates.

I think Dont Know Umm...

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joshcherok Trainee

Well once you are a pilot, you have the option to fly with controllers or without a controller. For every flight you are paid aircash which you can by gates hubs etc. It is really fun and keeps you busy. You can also start a virtual airline.

Well hope to see some more people!

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