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billyluke Guest

hi guys
where can i find free AI traffic???
I am in Italy so i cant just go to a store
{italy sucks there arent any bestbuys and circuit cities 😀 }
I would like [examples] JAL,ALitalia,Air france,swiss air,etc

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

They provide an automatic Installer [very easy to use]
Just go here to download it:

Once you have got the Installer go to: [AI Airlines] [AI Cargo] [AI Historical] [AI Military]

Just click on the logo's to download.

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billyluke Guest

I scrolled down to Alitalia and then i winzipped it, but it says i dont have the application...
What do i do??

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I edited my post above. You will find a link to the installer there.

Don't go to the un officail links on PAI because they don't seem to work.

billyluke Guest


billyluke Guest

i installed PAI but i dont really like it, and i have found a new AI traffic site...
How do I Uninstall it??
Do i just delete everything
With TTools i decompiled the files i dident want and now what?? 😞

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i`ve got a problem to put aircraft in ultimate traffic, i mean not the aircraft that are already are in the ulimate traffic the are but i mean the aircraft like the B737 Transavia i put all of the aircraft in that are in my flightsim but the are in the aircraft file but i never seen them on the airport`t the numbers are 12# and than te flightplan but when i search for them it `can`t find them in the aircraft file

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