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Hello again, Well right now there are only 2 payware planes that are grabbing my attention. The PMDG MD-11 whick I know won't be out for along time but I am for sure getting it when it is released. But the other plane is the Captain Sim C130. From seeing them at KMKE a lot they are growing on me. So what do you guys think about this soon to be released add-on?

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I gotta say that this thing is one of the nicest payware's I have ever seen. I fly the Herc and the details of the panel are amazing. It even has the frig and oven that is underneath the sink as you go up to the flight deck.

The one thing that I don't like is the digital guages on the Flight Engineer's panel. All E models have the traditional neddle and guages, but I'm sure that would be way too hard to read.

I am definately going to get this one to fly around doing some low levels. 😀

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Jared Captain

So you are a C130 crew member. What exactly do you do on the airplane. I'll take your word if you say it looks realalistic to the actual airplane.

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

I'm a co-pilot on the plane.

Everything looks pretty close. There are a couple things that arent, like the FDMS switch (Flight Director Switch) that isn't the same. I don't know what other branches look like as I have never flown them, only USAF. The switch they have in the is pretty plain. We have the option of choosing the VOR, Tacan, ILS, DG, SCNA (Self Contained Navigation System the Nav uses) to link our HSI to.

The ADF isn't what we have either. We have a wheel on it to tune the ADF in more accurately so that we can adjust the frequency when flying overwater.

All Navigational Aids and radio frequencies are tuned via the SCNS, but we do have a seperate head unit in case that fails.

The flap lever looks different as well, it is in front of the Engineer, almost between his legs, in the back of the center console. It is a yellow tab slider, not the bar slide that is depicted.

Pilots typically don't have a radar display either. Some of the H3's do, but there isn't a Nav. In ours, the Nav uses the APN-59 to pick through weather, or tell us where terrain is when flying low level on NVG's.

As far as the Nav Panel, the radar that they use is to the far left, not the center of the pnael. That's where the SCNS IDCU (or display) is. They radar is old and does it's job, but none of them really like it. The true airspeed indicator is usually top left and altimeter beside it. The radar altimeter they have is accurate though.

Alot (not all) of the E models have TCAS, so the VVI would be digital.

There is no firebottle behind and to the left of the pilot on the wall.

The handle to open the paratroop door is not beside the door, but in the center of it since it is a rod locking system.

The controls for the ramp and door are aft of the left paratroop door, they are missing.

I didn't see any overhead escape hatches in the cargo compartment. There was one on the flight deck, however.

That is what I noticed as far as the real HERC and this one. I'm still going to buy it when it comes out.

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