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Repaint aircraft with Macromedia Flash ? Yes it is possible and very easy for someone familiar with this vectorial editor.

1. Save the original texture in normal bitmap with BMPDXT (extended bitmap does not appair in Flash).
2. Copy the modified texture in Flash and use it for background.
3. Resize canvas to the size of the BMP file (512x512, 1024x1024 etc.).
4. Lock background layer and create lawers for texture modifications.
5. Apply new colors and patterns everywhere you want over the background.
6. Save image in 32 bits with alpha format.

Hints. To put colors over a bar metal texture, simply apply new color with little alpha (75% to 85 %) ; color will appair with little transparency making visible fuselage details.

The weight of the resulting BMP file will probably be greater but the quality will be superior (perfect aliasing, smoth lines, gradiants etc.)

Jean-Pierre Fillion, Qu├ębec

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How much does Macromedia cost?


200$CAN approx for the educational version and 500$CAN for the standard version. There is a demo version (30 days) on Macromedia website.

My suggestion aimed those which are familiar with Flash, which supposes that they already have it .

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