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Need help on approach and landing..

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Hey everyone i'm new to flight sim 2004 i know how to use gps and how to stay on my route to my destination but my only problem is that i don't know how to approach an airport... Doesn't the tower give you instructions where to turn etc??? Because i allways fly passed it and miss it i've heard of ILS approach and vor... I don't know how to use them... Could anybody explain me shortly which one of the two is the best to use and how to use it and be giuded to a runway straight ahead... thx alot! Very Happy

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Have a look at this thread:

And this site,

Let us know how you get on Wink


Thx this should help me further.. I'd use groundschool but it takes up alot of time... and it's pretty complicated. But hey thanks alot for your help!!!

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No Problem Wink

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